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Auric One

The world’s first beautiful, connected and personalized essential oils experience.

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In a world that won't slow down, take a moment to choose how you want to feel. Take control of your emotional well-being with our tailored scent profiles.

Auric One device

Finding the calm in the chaos

Auric is a state-of-the-art, AI-powered personal essential oil diffuser and mobile app. It's a unique combination of essential oils, biofeedback, and artificial intelligence aimed to alleviate the everyday wellness issues individuals face today.

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The Auric App

Experience the future of wellness with the Auric mobile app. Connect, customize, and curate your aromatherapy journey effortlessly from your smartphone. Elevate your mood with tailored essential oil blends like never before.

The Auric App

How it works

There are 4 easy steps to activate the Auric experience.


Choose your Mood

Open the Auric app whenever you need a shift in mood. Choose CALM, FOCUS, ENERGY, or SLEEP to set your desired atmosphere.

Activate the Senses

Your Auric device will then activate from eight pre-loaded, refillable essential oils, blending them alongside a range of Auric rituals to craft the perfect ambience.

Connect your Biofeedback

Pair your compatible smart device with the Auric app, like an Apple Watch. Your device will automatically collect and use real-time biofeedback data—such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and activity levels—to personalise your experience.

Community-Driven Wellness

Regularly updated Auric essential oils and rituals are crafted by our vibrant community of on-demand and IoT providers. This ensures your wellness journey is continually enhanced, adapting to your home habits, daily routines, and evolving needs.

A seamless wellness experience

With 26 scientifically-supported essential oil rituals created from eight preloaded essential oils.

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