Soothe your body and mind with an essential oil mix backed by science. Relax, recharge, and tame stress with the Auric iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, and Apple TV apps.

The power of Auric lies in its essential oils—each meticulously researched and chosen for its unique therapeutic properties. They come preloaded in your Auric device and are seamlessly replenished through a user-friendly mobile app. Each essential oil has a tale to tell, rooted in years of evidence-based scientific reports and published data.

Limited Pre-order Offer

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Limited Pre-Order Offer.

Secure your wellness future today! Pre-order either Auric One or Auric Two and receive an exclusive gift pack featuring four roll-on essential oils representing Calm, Focus, Energy, and Sleep. Choose your ideal device and deposit $50 to claim your pre-order gift pack and ensure priority shipping.

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