April 19, 2024

Auric Essentials Announces New Advisory Member Daniel Roney to Strengthen Global ICT Market Strategy

Auric Essentials is proud to announce the appointment of Daniel Roney to our advisory board. With over 20 years of international expertise, Daniel's role will focus on expanding the Auric One device into emerging markets, notably China and Saudi Arabia. His strategic guidance will be crucial at the Entrepreneurship World Cup in Riyadh and the iHealthTech Mission in Hong Kong, showcasing Auric's innovative approach to wellness technology. Join us in welcoming Daniel, whose leadership is set to enhance our global outreach and product development strategies.

Auric Essentials Announces New Advisory Member Daniel Roney to Strengthen Global ICT Market Strategy

Sydney, Australia – Auric Essentials, a leader in the wellness technology market, is delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Roney as a new member of its advisory board. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Daniel brings expertise in international business development, product innovation, and market expansion, particularly in the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern markets. His unique qualifications are set to play a pivotal role in guiding Auric Essentials through its ambitious strategic direction for 2024.

Daniel will focus on advancing the Auric One device and expanding into emerging regions, including China and Saudi Arabia. His extensive experience establishing businesses and leading cross-functional industrial design and engineering teams across Australia, Thailand, and China will be crucial as Auric Essentials seeks to enhance its presence on the global stage. This is particularly relevant, with the company recently recognised as the Australian Start-up of the Year and was able to represent Australia at the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) in Riyadh in December and the iHealthTech Mission at the Asian Summit on Global Health in Hong Kong in May 2024.

As Director of Business Development at DETEKT, Daniel developed and implemented growth strategies that profoundly impacted the product development sector. His alignment with Auric Essentials' mission to integrate cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies with holistic wellness solutions will drive significant advancements in the company's product development and manufacturing strategies.

"We are excited to welcome Daniel Roney to our team," said Adam Good, Founder of Auric Essentials. "His award-winning leadership and proven track record in fostering successful business environments across various cultures and markets are exactly what Auric needs as we expand our technological frontiers in wellness."

Auric Essentials is poised to redefine the wellness experience, and Daniel's deep understanding of the complex ICT markets of China and Saudi Arabia will be invaluable. His advisory will ensure Auric Essentials' innovative products resonate with diverse consumer bases and meet regulatory standards across these key markets.

With Daniel's guidance, Auric Essentials is more equipped to innovate and expand its reach, ensuring its state-of-the-art wellness solutions create a lasting impact worldwide.

About Auric Essentials

Auric Essentials is at the vanguard of personalised wellness, pioneering the fusion of ancient aromatherapy practices with modern technology to offer bespoke wellness experiences. Through its flagship product, the Auric One diffuser, and an array of essential oils, Auric Essentials crafts tailored aromatherapy sessions designed to enhance mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Based in Sydney, Australia, Auric Essentials is dedicated to innovating wellness solutions that are both effective and seamlessly integrated into daily life.


Adam Good
Founder, Auric Essentials

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