April 19, 2024

Auric Essentials Appoints Deano Gladstone as Wellness Advisor to Elevate Personalised Wellness Solutions

Auric Essentials is excited to announce the addition of Deano Gladstone, renowned holistic health expert, to our advisory board. Leveraging ancient aromatherapy and advanced technology, Auric introduces personalised wellness experiences enhanced by Gladstone's expertise in breathwork and holistic coaching. With our innovative Auric Wellness Signature and the Auric One diffuser, we offer 26 customised aromatherapy rituals aimed at improving states of Calm, Focus, Energy, and Sleep. Gladstone’s involvement will further refine our Auric Ritual User Breathing Technique, ensuring optimal wellness for users. As we continue to innovate, we are also developing a Remote Working Wellness Program to support the modern workforce's health needs.

Auric Essentials Appoints Deano Gladstone as Wellness Advisor to Elevate Personalised Wellness Solutions

Sydney, Australia – April 19 2024 – Auric Essentials, a leader in the intersection of wellness and innovative technology and recently nominated as Australia's Start-Up of the Year, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Deano Gladstone, a renowned figure in the realm of holistic health, to its advisory board as a Wellness Advisor.

Gladstone's extensive background in breathwork, personal training, and holistic health coaching aligns with Auric Essentials’ mission to seamlessly blend ancient aromatherapy practices with advanced AI and IoT technologies for personalised wellness experiences.

Through the pioneering Auric Wellness Signature, Auric Essentials customises wellness journeys for individuals, focusing on enhancing states of Calm, Focus, Energy, and Sleep. This innovative approach leverages the Auric One diffuser, equipped with the capability to tailor 26 unique aromatherapy rituals to meet the nuanced wellness needs of each user.

Gladstone, founder of the 'Power of the Breath' workshop, is set to enrich the development of the Auric Ritual User Breathing Technique. This key initiative aims to amplify the benefits of each aromatherapy session, ensuring users achieve their optimal wellness through guided breathing practices.

"I am incredibly excited to join forces with Auric Essentials," said Gladstone. "Their commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with traditional wellness practices offers a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of personalised wellness. I look forward to contributing my expertise towards enhancing the Auric Rituals, making wellness an accessible and integral part of everyone’s daily routine."

As Auric Essentials continues to innovate in the wellness technology sector, the company is also developing a Remote Working Wellness Program. This forthcoming initiative underscores the brand's commitment to addressing the evolving wellness needs of the modern workforce, offering companies an opportunity to participate in a pioneering trial designed to support the well-being of remote employees.

Adam Good, Founder of Auric Essentials, shared his enthusiasm for the future, stating, "Deano’s addition to our team marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine wellness through technology. His expertise will be invaluable as we enhance our personalised wellness offerings and prepare to introduce our Remote Working Wellness Program, which represents a new frontier in our efforts to support holistic well-being in the workplace."

Auric Essentials is poised to set new standards in the wellness industry, blending the therapeutic power of aromatherapy with personalised, technology-driven solutions that cater to the dynamic wellness needs of today’s society.

For more information about Auric Essentials, Deano Gladstone's role, and our innovative wellness solutions, please visit www.auricnow.com.

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Auric Essentials is at the vanguard of personalised wellness, pioneering the fusion of ancient aromatherapy practices with modern technology to offer bespoke wellness experiences. Through its flagship product, the Auric One diffuser, and an array of essential oils, Auric Essentials crafts tailored aromatherapy sessions designed to enhance mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Based in Sydney, Australia, Auric Essentials is dedicated to innovating wellness solutions that are both effective and seamlessly integrated into daily life.


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