Tailored to you

The heart of Auric lies in its proprietary mobile app, designed to work seamlessly with our diffusers, allowing users to control scent intensity, create custom scent profiles, and even schedule aromatic sessions for different times of the day.

Biometric data

The app utilizes advanced algorithms that analyze user biometric data to recommend essential oil combinations tailored for individual needs.

Whether you're seeking to boost focus, elevate energy, calm your mind, or achieve restful sleep, Auric's smart technology makes it possible. By leveraging machine learning and real-time analytics, our system becomes smarter and more attuned to your needs over time.

Ancient Wisdom combined with modern technology

This combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology puts Auric at the forefront of the digital wellness revolution, making it easier than ever to "stop and smell the roses" in a world that's constantly on the move.